Product Description

AMERICOOL WPC-9000 Portable Spot AC

The self-contained AmeriCool WPC-9000 portable office air-conditioner delivers 37,000 BTU/hr of cooling power and is suited to larger office spaces, or rooms populated with a moderate amount of heat-producing servers, routers, telecoms and other heat-sensitive electronic equipment. The AmeriCool WPC-9000 rapidly delivers convenient, portable and affordable cooling wherever required.

Product Details

Manufacturer: Amicool

Highlight: Mobile Cooling for larger space

Product Type: Data Center & Mission Critical

Product Key Features 

  • 37,000 Btu/h {3.08 Tons} 230v, Single phase
  • Operating range of 64-113 degrees
  • Spot cool and room cool modes available
  • Cold air nozzles can be replaced with included grill

Included Parts:

  • 16” Exhaust duct flange, 
  • 5”x20” Cool air duct assembly
  • Vinyl chloride evaporator filter
  • Aluminum condenser filter, Condensate tank

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